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I haven’t gone back-to-school for a ‘000 years. However, every Fall I still enjoy that lovely feeling of a fresh start, and a passion to get some fresh looking new noticeboards.

One of my best memories is how I used to get very nice new book wrapping paper, calendar and others kids desk accessories and stationary. We would making matching schedulers and organizers, and apply new ideas to our family noticeboards. I loved the harmony of all the new colors and designs.


Schedulers, Organizers, Notice Boards, Locker Ideas, Stationary & Desk Accessories

This is a list of things that we either had, or that I wished we had when I grew up.

How to Make a Beautiful School Papers Organizer, & Tutorials for Other, Wonderfully Handmade, Back-to-School Supplies & Organizing Tools.

This article on Back-to-school Crafts features this  beautiful organizer, and other such lovely handmade, back-t0-school supplies and organizing tools such as paper-covered pencils, locker magnets, fridge ‘chalk board and more.

2 Back to school Bulletin Board Ideas
Lovely Elegant Handmade Bookmarks

Easy tutorial which makes every reading a rich experience.

Fun to make & to own; also are great friendship gifts.

Hand-decorated Jars
for just about anything..
Can never have enough pretty jars. Make a couple to spare to give as gifts.


More Back-to-school Ideas

Creative back-to-school project plans, patterns & ideas are organized over the week:

monday : fun fashion friendship gifts that are easy to make

tuesday : backpacks, school bags & lunch bags

wednesday : pencil cases, make-up bags & ‘thingy’ bags

thursday : schedulers, organizers, noticeboards, locker ideas & desk accessories

friday : college, teenage & kid bed room decorating

Here’s the Back-to-School ideas’ overview page. Come back for more ideas!

Alright. With all these organising tools, you’ll have yourself and your family a wonderful Back-to-school season! (Oh, and don’t forget to make some snack cookies. Great for break, and for after school ;-))

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