Back-to-School with Easy-to-Make Friendship Gifts

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Time to celebrate going Back-to-School with flirty gifts that create smiles on the first day of school and help continue friendships.

Fun Fashion Friendship Gifts that are Easy to Make

Sure, there is the good-old classic friendship bracelet. But let’s go beyond the simple ‘threaded thingy’, and help your (kids) friends be in style and fashion this Fall. Make them something good! How about these ?

Make Friendship necklaces to match your friendship bracelets

Friendship Necklaces

Beaded, knotted hemp necklaces are going to be all the rage. Fun and easy to make. Add a lace ribbon for extra glamour!

Back-to-school Fashion  Tips for Teens

This necklace is kind of like having bangles around your neck. Only they don’t clink (that would be annoying) and are superlight to wear.

Sure to get admirers for this one.

Handmade Fashion Jewelry :: Bracelets :: Decoupage Bangles

Everyone will need bangles this Fall. Everyone.

Big bangles and thin bangles, should be all the rage this year. Here are quite a few ideas for upcycled bangles.

I’m showing just one of about 20 different handmade fashion jewelry ideas.

For Glamorous Back-to-school Hairdo ups:
Jewel Studded Hairpin

Keeps your head cool, your hair tidy and makes fabulous gifts.
Fashion Glitter Hair scrunchies, to create new back to school hairstyles.

For understated glamour.

Flower & Fruit Shaped Earrings

Fun and with peace symbols added a great way to ‘make up’ with that friend you had a bit of a fall-out with last year…

This article links to a range of handmade earring projects, so check it out.

This Celeb Flowered Headband with black rose makes a fashion statement.

Easy to do, and looks great on!


Handmade Glitter Hair bands Ideal for covering up bad hair days and still look dazzling.
Bold & Tribal Fashion Trends.

 If you want to make something bold & tribal, consider making this fun polymer clay bracelet.

You can pair it with any tribal t-shirt color scheme you have.

Bold colors are fun, whereas a color combination like  black/brown/white/ grey/mauve would make a more elegant version.

For Smaller Kids: Friendship Cuff

Cuff or bracelet? What’s the difference?!

These are so fast to make, you can make them for all the little girls in her class, and she can help making them.


Back to school fashion is fun. There’s no doubt about that.  Actually, there are a lot more ideas on this website that would make suitable Back-to-School gift ideas. Just browse around.

Creative Back-to-school Project plans, Patterns & Ideas Overview

Monday : fun fashion friendship gifts that are easy to make

Tuesday : backpacks, school bags & lunch bags

Wednesday : pencil cases, make-up bags & ‘thingy’ bags

Thursday : schedulers, organizers, notice boards, locker ideas & desk accessories

Friday : college, teenage & kid bed room decorating

Here’s the Back-to-School ideas – overview page. Come back for more ideas!


Back to School Sales & Deals for New Supplies

Find anything from friendship bracelet beads, to new school supplies, books, backpacks, iPads, etc. etc. All at a discount for students. Best deal I’ve come across so far is their “Amazon Prime”-for-students. They get to have the Prime benefits for free, if I recall well, for 1/2 a year, after which it is offered for a very low rate. IDEAL. Get them to order (of freely borrow!!!) Kindle books instead of printed hard copies and you will save yourself hundreds of dollars on both books and shipping.

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