Back-to-School Backpacks, Tote Bags, Lunch Bags Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

School bags are one of the most essential school supplies out there. And from personal experience as someone who studied for many years, it is a really good investment to have a couple of different style bags laying around: one for light days, one for heavy book days, one for gym, one for personal items, etc.

Backpacks, School Bags & Lunch Bags Sewing Patterns

So many bags, so many uses…

Fancy Quilted Backpack Pattern, that’s great for ‘stuff’ to take to school.

One of my favorite bag designs, but I would not add too many books.

There are other bags for that…. see here:

Reasonable Sturdy Book Bag,
Patchwork PatternAlso a favorite bag design, a very relaxed look.

Can hold books, but if your intend is to completely fill it with heavy books, day after day, I would double stitch the seams, and double the handle.

This is the sturdiest tote bag version that can hold quite a few books.

Excellent online pattern, free.Again, look where double stitching is useful.
Shabby Chic Crochet Tote Bag that holds everything.

Very sturdy as it requires a double thread.

bags, sewing patterns Fancy Gym Bag ?
Free duffel bag sewing pattern
bags, sewing patterns Back-to-school Lunch-Bag Pattern

(Free sewing pattern)

If you like making some lunch bags, also review these Fruity lunch or picnic bags: cherries, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, lots of different ideas.

School Lunch Bag that makes you stand out in the crowd.  (Design inspiration is included but pattern not)

All patterns are free! Super amazing.

Back to school fashion is fun. There’s no doubt about that. Actually, there are a lot more ideas on this website that would make suitable Back-to-School gift ideas. Just browse around.

Fabric Choices

Some of my favorite bag fabrics are from Amy Butler, JCarolyne and are discussed at some of the articles mentioned above. Some highlights….

Gorgeous Amy Butler Quilted Fabric

The Bag Making Bible: The Complete Guide to Sewing and Customizing Your Own Unique Bags

Four Fabulous Laminated Fabrics for Lunch bags, and related…

By the Yard
Amy Butler Bright Heart Folk Bloom Natural”


Or, click here for other, quite different but also beautiful Free Spirit quilting Fabrics


Back-to-School Crafts, Projects & Supplies

monday : fun fashion friendship gifts that are easy to make

tuesday : backpacks, school bags & lunch bags

wednesday : pencil cases, make-up bags & ‘thingy’ bags

thursday : schedulers, organizers, notice boards, locker ideas & desk accessories

friday : college, teenage & kid bed room decorating

I hope you enjoyed all ideas & tutorials and are having a beautiful, fun & productive start of the new school year.

Here’s the Back-to-School ideas – overview page. Come back for more ideas!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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