Knit This Lovely Cable Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Free

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This free cable baby blanket knitting pattern makes for a great baby blanket for Fall/Winter, but equally, when lined with a waterproof lining, would be a fabulous summer garden blanket as well!

This is a blanket that you just want to snuggle with. What a perfect baby blanket … for babies … and for me…  (I suppose we could up-size it, couldn’t we?!)  Anyhow, working with this super soft wool in perfect pastel colors is of course THE thing to do this Fall. Comfy!!  Give yourself a break from Halloween affairs and make this adorable cable knit blanket.

Cable baby blanket knitting pattern free
Photo Credit | For your downloadable Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern, visit Bernat.

Cable Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Free

This baby blanket knitting pattern is not a beginners pattern per se’. But I consider it an excellent pattern for a knitter to learn how to make cables and to realize how relatively easy knitting cables actually is once you get the hang of it.   The trick with knitting cables is to have an extra crochet hook or oversized safety pin or some other great method you like to help you move the stitches over. 

This cable knit baby blanket looks splendid, and would make a gorgeous baby shower gift or Christmas gift.  Or, make it for your own offspring.  A couple of evenings in front of the TV (while paying attention to your knitting) and you’re done.

Ready to get started with this: Cable Baby Blanket – Knitting Pattern Free?

Download the pattern here: Bernat

What You’ll Need

Bernat Baby Blanket -yarn (6 skeins) (learn more or purchase on Amazon)
Circular Knitting Needles 36 inch (Size 11) (learn more or purchase on Amazon)
Cable Stitch Holders (learn more or purchase on Amazon)

Happy Knitting!

If you’re passionate about crafting and love to embark on exciting projects, then you’ll appreciate this delightful knitting pattern. Knitting enthusiasts often find joy in taking on new challenges, and this pattern offers just that.

Cables may seem intricate, but they provide a wonderful opportunity to explore new techniques and expand your knitting skills. The result is a baby blanket that not only wraps your bundle of joy in comfort but also showcases your creative spirit. It’s a project that can be both soothing and invigorating, offering a meditative rhythm while you knit, and a sense of accomplishment as each cable takes shape.

One of the beauties of knitting is its ability to connect us with traditions and create something filled with love. This pattern is designed with the softest, most cuddly yarn you can find, ensuring that your baby will be swaddled in warmth and comfort. With each cable, you’re weaving more than just yarn; you’re weaving a story—a story of the love and care that goes into creating something special for the newest member of your family or a cherished friend’s little one.

In a world that often rushes by, knitting allows us to slow down, savor each moment, and infuse our creations with our boundless creativity. So, grab your knitting needles and your favorite yarn, and let’s embark on this journey together. With this super soft baby blanket pattern, we’re not just crafting an heirloom; we’re crafting memories and love, one stitch at a time. Happy knitting! 🧶💕

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