Awesome Rainbow Backpack Crochet Pattern in Crocodile Stitch

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Here’s a free crochet pattern for backpacks that have it all: a fun rainbow color scheme, a popular crocodile crochet stitch, and the perfect size backpack that is large-ish for kids and small-ish for adults.  It will be a gorgeous bag to have.  And the secret is: because this uses a rainbow colored yarn, there won’t be a million threads to work away. This is easy!  In fact, all you’ll need is just two skeins: one for the body in rainbow color and one in black for contrast.  But because it is in a rather expensive woollen yarn, perhaps you will want to substitute the yarn for a cheaper acrylic version  (that is easily washable) instead.

Rainbow Backpack Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Backpack Crochet Pattern

The final dimensions of this crochet backpack are 12 x 9 inch (30×22.5 cm) Height x Diameter.  If you are bored making it halfway (or you want it smaller), you can just create a shorter version of this bag, as it is crocheted in the round from the bottom up. A shorter bag will give a different look, but it will make the project more do-able for teenagers | those of an impatient nature… (wink).

Talking about winking… this backpack pattern is of course really easily embellished and transformed into an owl backpack pattern. Make two white large circles for the eyes and decorate these with black. Attach. Create two little ears and attach these.  Add a tiny orange triangle for the nose. And voila. You’re there… An owl bag done.

Rainbow Backpack Crochet Pattern – Materials Needed

Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn sport weight yarn, 660 yards (604 meters) / 150 gr, color Rainbow – 1 skein (B). I can’t quickly locate this yarn online, but this Kauni Wool Yarn, Self Striping, Blue and White Colorway would make a gorgeous substitute:   Plus you’ll need Kauni Wool 8/2 Solids sport weight yarn, 660 yards (604 meters) /150 gr, color black – 1 skein (A). And 1 large button.

Rainbow Backpack Crochet Pattern If you are hooked on the rainbow yarn (I am), there are quite a few options other than the yarn suggested in the pattern, and they are a lot cheaper as well: Rainbow Yarn.

Shop: self-striping yarn

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