20 Awesome Free Sewing Patterns for the Holidays

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You know me, I am ‘Researcher Extra-ordinaire’ when to comes to finding eco-friendly and / or low-cost| free resources online for our creative projects.  If you want to do a bit of sewing for the holidays, here are 20 very popular and really awesome free sewing patterns for the holidays, none of which I have shown before here at the FineCraftGuild.

Some patterns make great gifts while others might result in your Christmas party outfit. Go figure.  Have a look at these bags, dresses, hoodies, kids & baby items and holiday décor ideas.  These free sewing patterns are beautiful.


Free Sewing Patterns for the Holidays



Links for all the free sewing patterns are below:

Free Sewing Patterns for the Holidays

Free Sewing Patterns for the HolidaysFree Sewing Patterns for the HolidaysFree Sewing Patterns for the Holidays


Free Sewing Patterns for the Holidays for Awesome  Bags, Hats, Dresses and Home Décor Projects

(These are Craftsy affiliate links toe beautiful, easy and so-doable projects, which at the time of this writing, are 100% free!)

Free Bag Sewing Patterns

1. Travel Jewelry Case – great for when you are travelling but also to put your summer jewelry away in winter, in a safe and stylish way.
2. Travel Craft & Sewing Bag – this is so useful, it makes me cringe that I did not make this before. Versatile and of course useful beyond craft and sewing as well. It’s an all around practical caddy! Love this. And now it is do-able for you to make one too,
3. Shark Pencil Case – fun for kids and shark lovers.

4. Phoebe Bag – which kid would not like this? Finally an opportunity to sew for boys…
5. Reindeer Candy Cane Holder – 2 min sewing and crafting and you get yourself one of these. So adorable and unique way of giving candy for Christmas.
6. Cosmetic Bag and Brush Roll this is what I need. All the make-up bags I own either are one or the other. This one will fit all my stuff. Amazing this is a free pattern, really.

7. Brookfield Bag Pattern
8. Sweetheart Bag – what can I say, it’s a sweet bag, right?!


Free Clothing Sewing Patterns

1. Cute Kids Apron with Romantic Lace Pockets 12m – 5T – good for kitchen help, good for pretend cooking, good for crafting and making a mess. Great idea to attach an apron to a skirt! Brilliant in fact.
2. Best Baby Burp Cloth – nuf said.
3. Hooded Cap – another great unisex pattern that will be so useful this winter. If your coat does not have a hoodie, this pattern solves the problem for you. When it is cold and wet outside, you’ll be glad that you’ve sewn a couple of these.

4. Mother & Daughter Apron Pattern – this pattern wins the prize for cuteness. Adorable.
5. Free Easy Baby Summer Dress Pattern – can be worn in winter with complementary layers of clothing
6. Free Wrap Dress Pattern – I own this dress and it’s fabulous. I have one for my mom too, as the pattern is timeless, really. Young and old can wear it.

7. 30 min Easy Skirt Sewing Pattern – a feminine classic!
8. Cadet Cap Sewing Pattern – for kids, unisex.


Free Home Décor Sewing Patterns

1. Vintage Bunting – beautifully embellished. Hard to see in the photo, but the detailing ideas are really nice.
2. Christmas Stocking – we always could use another pattern.
3. Adorable Stocking Advert Calendar – it’a a match!

4. Easy Christmas Stocking – it’s another match.


All image credit goes to the generous makers of these patterns. Follow the links for details.

PS. I realize that today is quilting day… I felt you have probably enough projects on the go. I will give you 20 free quilting patterns for the holiday next week if you wish. Or tomorrow?? Let me know what you’re hoping for.

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