Auguri – Handmade School Christmas Treats

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Auguri. That’s Italian for Merry Christmas, congratulations and more such happy wishes. It’s my wish for you in this XMAS season.  With lots of delightfully happy & creative projects over the days to follow.


On that, I’m sharing one such creative projects: Here’s a basket of wrapped little chocolates that just went out of the door, off to the primary school.

Simple, but the basket looked amazingly colorful.

Simple. Off-white craft paper, folded over green leaf shapes glued on with a red dot did the trick to convey that Christmas cheer.

Step-by-Step Paper Craft Howto

Best to do these kind of projects when you take a coffee break, doing a step at at time:

  • 1. Cut red circles and green leaf shapes
  • 2. Glue these together into a vignette
  • 3. Wrap the chocolates or other Christmas treats
  • 4. Glue on the vignettes
  • 5. Write little wishes on some or all of them.
  • 6. Put in a display basket.


wrapped_chocolates1For your own hall way, to give away at work, school, hobby groups, bag a few together for luncheons with friends as giveaways…


“A pensiere” as the Italians would say. Literally translated as ‘a thought…’ of love and cheer merriment of the season.

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