Cook this Asian Salmon Recipe this weekend and you’ll family will love dinner!


Delicious Asian Salmon Recipe | I don’t know about you but when I see a picture of a beautifully seared piece of Salmon like this, I get hungry. No matter what time of the day it is.

When I lived in Japan, we had Salmon, rice, spinach and green tea for breakfast. It took me 3 days to shift from my prior breakfast-food habits to eating fish with chopsticks as an early morning routine, but I ‘m happy for the experience. It got me hooked on salmon forever.


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Tada!!  Here is Julia’s salmon.  Julia makes just the best photos of her cooking adventures, doesn’t she? Wow. What an amazing photographer she is!!!


Many people, like Julia, put the salmon in a hot oven for 15 min before broiling it. Well, that’s one way….

Personally, I just pan-sear my salmon with a good oil and some freshly crushed garlic in a hot pan. Few minutes each side. Then, I add 4 tablespoons of water to the pan, put a lid on top and put the fire on low.

While the salmon cooks, I make my sauce. Typically, I take soya-sauce  as the base and infuse it with a bit of a rice wine vinegar, a bit of sugar, and some freshly cut ginger. Add these to taste.

When the fish  is ready, I take it and the cooking liquid out of the pan onto a warmed serving place.


Asian Leafy Green Vegetables vs. Asparagus

I think it’s best to use Asian vegetables for soya-sauce flavored dishes. So, in that same hot pan, I pop in all my washed fresh spinach and stir it a few times.  Basically, that softens and warms the spinach without making it loose all its vitamins.

Note: spinach shrinks a lot in the pan. So be sure to be generous in your raw allotments per person!

(In case you wonder…. I reserve asparagus for my Italian recipes. I think asparagus can not taste better than with quality olive oil and freshly shaven Parmesan cheese).


Rice vs. Noodles

Choosing between rice or noodles is more a matter of time than taste for me.  When I have time to cook, I make rice.  When not, I use noodles.  I like to use organic brown rice which takes longer than usual.  In contrast, those super-thin Asian noodles take just a few minutes in boiling water.

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