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This guy just has to be every creative girl’s dream: tall and good looking, organized, and best of all: he helps you find stuff as he remembers where you’ve put your things…!! May I introduce you to: …

My Mr. Craft Cabinet !

This wonderful guy (.. ahem, Craft Storage Furniture) may perhaps be the answer to all your craft storage prayers, hopes and dreams too.

For my art, jewelry, scrapbooking & other craft supplies, this ‘craft box’ is a storage dream come true for me! It comes 6” tall and stores EVERYTHING. In this storage Everything will have a spot and I’ll work so efficiently, I’ll make more. Yoohoo. No time wasted with trying to find ‘what-ya-might-call-it’. It’s all there. (Ahhh…. What a difference from my current reality where I literally looked for my bag of zippers over 2 hours today to make some contemporary jewelry piece with some zippers for an upcoming article. I haven’t found it yet. )

So, I dream of an efficient work room…..and this craft box could be the ideal solution. Are you having similar cravings for a guy like this???

Craftbox’ Inside: Organized Craft Storage

If you are like me and prefer it when you can instantly find things instead of having to look for things for hours….., I can see how this cabinet will save me lots of time. I can make a dedicated ‘knitting project in progress’ drawer, and a ‘art journal in progress’ drawing and i will be able to easily progress on a wide range of projects without having to ‘pull out all the supplies that relate to that craft’ and having to look for things in case I want to create mixed-media pieces. It’s all right there, organized. In fact, I can see that this cabinet will be a great inspiration to do more mixed media…

On the outside, this craft cabinet looks like exactly like other high-end handsome storage cabinets. But on the inside… oh la la! When it opens up, inside is actually both a workplace and a storage solution. On the bottom, it sits on castors, so you can roll it to wherever you need it.

Craftbox: The Verdict

This craft storage is a major purchase for anyone, no doubt. But it’s a good investment. It’s a ‘craft-room in a cabinet’, which is the equivalent of an extra room in your house dedicated to your art and craft adventures. Saves you from having to have the kids share a bedroom or move to another house or convert the garage, attic, or the basement. And even then… would you really like to work in that space?! My favorite space of working is right where there’s most warmth and light in my house.

I can see how this cabinet will both save you money, and you get to work in your favorite room of the house. No more in the dungeon basement, where it’s always just a tat too dark to do your better work and for you to feel really great while working.

Beautiful in every which way.

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