Coach, Prada or Michael Korsfashion bag or all other designer tote or handbags: the whole fashion world produces ruffles. Like it or not. Ruffles are HERE!

Time for a change?? Yes it is. Personally, I’ve seen enough ruffles for a week or two, and I want to show you today on our Tote Bag Monday are bags that do not follow a trend.


Timmy Woods Designer Handbags

Introducing Bag Designer Timmy Woods’s Beverly Hills series are real works of art: innovative designs that appeal to women with a broad range of interests and lifestyles.

Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy seems to make these handcrafted wooden handbags as a rather fresh statement in fashion and as sculpted pieces of art. Each bag is handmade from fallen Acacia trees. Forms of nature, pop trends, sports, hobbies, holidays and special events inspire the designs. timmy bag tour d eiffel

Each bag comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and originality.

Very arts-like, and verrrryy Hollywood.
Timmy Woods Tour D’Eiffel Cross-Body

The Tour d’Eiffel bag is one bag that started Timmy’s fame, it having made an appearance in the SATC movie.


Having a Timmy Woods’ Eiffel cross-body bag will add lots of French ‘ooh-la-la’  or American Pop style to your playfully chic outfits. This version featuring lots of gilt and Swarovski crystals has an extra-special dazzling aura.




Hungry for More Style? Well how about …

Timmy Woods Banana Split II Cross-Body



Need more Kisses? Have a solution here for you:


Timmy Woods Luscious Cross-Body



For Hawaiian vacation, for fishy affairs or a fun nautical look, consider his fish bag …


Timmy Woods Hana II Cross-Body


For who like me love people with golden hearts, this is the bag for you:

Timmy Woods Candy Heart Multi II Cross-Body




Fortune Bags

These bags are artistic and like jewelry studded as they are with crystals. However, that fact and their movie appearance make these bags also pricey. Simply put, some of them cost a fortune. 

Fortunately, there are also some by this designer that are actually ‘affordable’.  As these are versions without crystals,they are also lighter to carry. For example, the Timmy Woods Eiffel Cross-Body Bag without all those crystals is only 10% of the cost, and probably also only 10% of the weight.


Anyhow, no ruffles here. Hopefully these bags inspire you to either design something fresh and new today, or to order yourself a cool glamorous handbag for your own birthday. I might just do the latter….







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