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Doing anything creative? Show us: it’s Linky Party-time. My contribution to the linky party is today’s Jewelry Repair Workshop. Please do link up your contributions below.


Jewelry Repair Workshop – Lessons From Day 1

bracelet_repair Today was Day #1 of the “jewelry repair workshop’” that has been desperately needed in our home.  I repaired this special and beloved bracelet of my husband and learned a few things along the way.



What’s so special about this piece of jewelry?  St_Francis_Assisi_prayer



First, this is a spiritual bracelet.  It was obtained on a pilgrimage to Northern Italy, to visit the wonderful shrine of St. Francis of Assisi. For those of you who are spiritual, this is one of those MUST-VISIT-ONCE-IN-YOUR-LIFE kind of places in the world. 

You can feel and almost taste the energy of St. Francis in the room of his tomb.  St Francis has worked with us ever since upon our return back home.  And not only him.  This pilgrimage brought us this spiritual bracelet, which features many saints and popes, who help my husband greatly in his daily handling of affairs. 

Second, if that was all not special enough, this bracelet is made of the wonderfully multi-functional healing gemstone, hematite.  But more about its healing properties later, as this is a craft blog after all, so let me get back to my jewelry repair workshop.


Jewelry-Making Lessons Learned from repairing this broken bracelet

1. If you have special beads, you must use 2 threads, not just one.  Repairing this bracelet was a breeze.  First the top thread broke, but it was no crisis as the bottom one was still in tact.  When I had replaced the top thread, and gave it back to my husband,  the bottom thread broke.  As the beads stayed nicely strung on one of the strands, this was a 2 minute repair job, instead of an agonizing 30+ minute labor (of love).

2.  Just working with these special beads for even a little while, experiencing their many healing & spiritual properties, made me resolve to make a few more ‘pieces for peace’ with hematite.  I learned, again, that working with special beads elevates the ordinary (stringing a simple bracelet) into the extra-ordinary (a healing experience, in this case).

Healing Properties of Hematite

The central healing properties of hematite are grounding and protection, making us feel safe and strong. It deflects negative energies from others, and is overall balancing. It works this way emotionally, but also physically: Hematite helps the mind to focus, to retain information and to create original thought.  It is good for kidneys (your body’s cleaning room), tissue regeneration, spinal alignment, absorption of iron and production of red blood cells.  In sum, a great healing stone. *



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