Apple Desserts as Rose Cupcakes – recipe video


I felt like standing up and going to the kitchen to make these when I noted Manuela’s apple desserts that look like large rose cupcakes. Oh, so awesome. I was even more thrilled when I discovered that these are super easy and fast to make, and given the amount of fruit involved, one of the healthier desserts around, besides fruit cups, of course.


image credit: Cooking with Manuela

Easy Apple Desserts

These beautiful apple desserts are great last minute treats. They are merely slices of apples sandwiched in a folded over strip of filo pastry, and then rolled around into these fantastic apple roses. That’s the recipe in a nutshell. Manuela shares a few tricks and additions that makes these apple roses into delicious treats. I have a feeling that this is an incredibly forgiving recipe, as I can imagine that you could swap Manuela’s suggested jam spread with any other kind of sweetener, for example. And you might get away with even substituting the filo pastry with the pastry that you happen to have on hand.

Feedback Please

If you are making this, please send in feedback. I’d love to hear how you are making these and what works and what doesn’t. Let’s share the experiment!

Apple Desserts Recipe Video

Besides a detailed, illustrated recipe on her blog, Manuela is also treating us to a video tutorial on how to make these apple desserts, which you can see here:

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