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God is generous. That’s what I’m thinking when friendly folks with fashion drafting skills share freely, and give us a gorgeous skirt design from Anthropologie. (So, I’m thrilled that Shams from ‘Communing with Fabric’ has come into existence in the world in San Francisco, and has been ever-so-kind to draft this Anthropologie skirt and offers us detailed sewing instructions, pattern and all.

Pretty as a picture:

Anthropologie skirt

Back of the skirt:


Anthropologie Cascading Ruffle Skirt

If you love this skirt, then here is your free Anthropologie skirt pattern. Sham drafted this Anthropologie ruffle skirt in response to a request by her friend Rachel. And now Sham is sharing it WITH US. Sure you are happy too.

To create this skirt, you start with an A-line skirt that fits you. You get to trace both skirt front and back. Then, draw in the design lines, which divides the skirt front into 3 sections: a front top, front left and front right section. Now cut your pattern front into these 3 sections (so that you can sew in your cascading ruffle between the left/right sections, and hanging from the top section. Easy enough. She shows you in lots of detail.

Give it a go
Show me your cascading ruffle skirt
when you’re done!


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