Beautiful Anthropologie-Inspired Ruffle Skirt Pattern to make your own

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God is generous. That’s what I’m thinking when friendly folks with fashion drafting skills share freely, and give us a gorgeous skirt design from Anthropologie. (So, I’m thrilled that Shams from ‘Communing with Fabric’ has come into existence in the world in San Francisco, and has been ever-so-kind to draft this Anthropologie skirt and offers us detailed sewing instructions, pattern and all.

Anthropologie-inspiration for this ruffle skirt pattern

The Anthropologie inspiration for the front of this ruffle skirt pattern is pretty as a picture!

Anthropologie-inspiration for this ruffle skirt pattern

Back of the Anthropologie skirt that served as inspiration

Anthropologie Cascading Ruffle Skirt

If you love this skirt, then here is your free Anthropologie skirt pattern by Shams who writes over al Communing With Fabric. Sham drafted this Anthropologie ruffle skirt in response to a request by her friend Rachel. And now Sham is sharing it WITH US. Sure you are happy too.

To create this skirt, you start with an A-line skirt that fits you. You get to trace both skirt front and back. Then, draw in the design lines, which divides the skirt front into 3 sections: a front top, front left and front right section. Now cut your pattern front into these 3 sections (so that you can sew in your cascading ruffle between the left/right sections, and hanging from the top section. Easy enough. She shows you in lots of detail.

Give it a go and Show me your cascading ruffle skirt when you’re done!


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First published December 19, 2011. Upated June 2024.

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