Anthropologie-Inspired Ruffle Pillowcases

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Pillows for your bed, that is. as part of your bedding. With adorable ruffles, I might add. Several different types and rows of ruffles, I might add. I’m smitten, I might add.

As per good Anthropologie –quality level, this pillow case would cost you $48 in the store. But, it has lots of good details, such high-quality cotton fabric and serged edges on the layers and layers of ruffles.


Note that there are 2 ruffles: one double ruffle that you can see on the left. On top of that is a second strip of fabric which is ruffled on the left (making it look like there are 3 layers of ruffles on the left) and on the right, to finish off the edge of the pillow case.


anthropologie_pillows_rathering_rufflesHere you can see two ruffle making techniques: the serged edges, plus the gathering of the thread to create the ruffles. Be sure to pin down all your ruffles and also to pre-iron them to ensure an even distribution of the ruffles and an easy time sewing on the strips of ruffles onto your pillow.


photo credit | ‘Anthro’ pillow sewing pattern: Home Stitched

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