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I all for originality. And thus: this truly unique Anthropologie necklace design stole my heart. I wanted to make my necklace as an ‘Anthropologie knockoff’ for you. But I knew I had to make it ‘my way’ and apply my own ideas however.

So, here I am, with a fabulously contemporary, modern, original crochet necklace, that’s like the one featured in Anthropologie’s new arrivals for 2013, but definitely, a la Rose at Fine Craft Guild.


Anthropologie Knockoff Necklace


anthropologie necklaces



Necklaces Design

What’s different between the two necklaces??!

For one, I changed all the gold to silver color. Most of my other jewelry is white gold, silver or silver plated. So, this will be a better match to my other jewelry pieces.

The second difference between these necklaces is the necklace design style.  Instead of using sharp-lined geometric shapes, I made my own geometric center-bead which had soft lines. I used DAS, paint and glitter glue.   Then, I paired it with wickedly shaped freshwater pearl nuggets and two coral-colored beads of different sizes. 

I finished the edges of the crochet with embroidery floss.



anthropologie necklaces


The changes of overall geometric nature of the necklace design to become a mixture of natural and geometric shapes offers a better match my personality and wardrobe, and quite possibly to yours too!



One of the More Unique Anthropologie Inspiration Necklaces

Anthropologie necklaces

The Chain of Inspiration: the original necklace design sold by Anthropologie is by Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood  (accessories line Buba), who in turn were inspired by the exotic culture and shapes of the striking scenery of India.


Win an Anthropologie Necklace (Knockoff)

Want a necklace like this Anthropologie necklace? This morning I’ve decided to give my necklace away to a reader.

That could be YOU if you just complete the rafflecopter. Then, leave me a comment below with your Facebook URL.  You can also enter the rafflecopter directly.    The contest will start today and end by July 10.


The Rafflecopter Giveaway

Like it?! Put your name in the hat to win this gorgeous Anthropologie knockoff necklace!!!Value E54 (US$74).
Winner has to contribute Eur4 to shipping cost, because it has to come all the way from Italy.

anthro necklace

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