Santa Monica Anthropologie’s DIY Kitchen Decoration Ideas


I love wandering through Anthropologie. Do you?  The creative input of a visit is like flipping through 17 lifestyle magazines and half a dozen groovy design books, all at the same time. 

Yes, I was lucky to spend quite a bit of time in the Anthropologie shop in Santa Monica, LA as well as several other stores.   Don’t be jealous ~  I’m sharing with you.

And be ready to get inspired: bring the embroidery floss out together with your stash of retro vintage fabrics. We have some serious creative kitchen sewing to do….

But first, before I delve into this Anthropologie experience, let me explain …

… what just happened ??!!

Regular readers will have missed us, while passerby’s may have noticed our nearly 1 month hiatus in November. What I did was … soul-searching homework while traveling to California, US and Vancouver, Canada.

The verdict: we are not going to leave you, reader, alone again. Not for a day.  Instead, we will plan, days of the week, monthly schedule in place. 

Time to grow and grow-up.  We’re now a top contemporary & eco-green craft, fashion & home decorating site with several ‘000s of daily readers, and several million page views.

Part of the new plan is to change our posting format to suit iPhones.  In 2012, you’ll get to download our new app for this purpose: cool, green craft of the day.  Languages: coming up. …….


In the meanwhile, I made tons of pictures, just like I did for my Paris trip in July, and I’ll be sharing them with you through out December and January, one topic at a time.


Today’s topic is: kitchenware at Anthropologie.


Owl :  Anthropologie – Find.

Getting a wise wink every time

you are making coffee,
and are not having a cookie
from that cookie jar

~ how great is this?!

Anthrolopogie, Santa Monica, LA

Here’s your creative input into Kitchen decor ideas.  These days I usually look for design trends, as well as for ideas to make-your-own, easily, on a whim, without a pattern preferable, and without any ado.

Anthropologie Kitchen Tools & Decoration


How to describe it: vintage, hand-embroidered, hand appliquéd, retro, whimsical-poetic text, icons, cupcakes & cakes, flowers and kitchen scenes.

kitchen towels applique anthropologie
tea towel embroidery

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

tea towel fox quote embroidery anthropologie

Smart foxes bite never own tail.


Chirping Bird Appliqués with Embroidery



Aprons looking as good as fun & funky dresses

Mismatch different fabrics, cross stitches, rig rag, and appliqué,

ruffles without being frilly.



Ceramics, French Country Jars, English Vintage  Plates with Letter Appliqué,

Whimsical owls and other icons, warm Indian inspired designs.


Want more Anthropologie treasures?

There are more Anthropologie-inspired articles on this site, several of which come with how-to-make-it tutorials.

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