9 Alternatives to Long Stemmed Roses for Valentines

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Original alternatives to long-stemmed roses for Valentines are really not so hard to come up with. I have listed 9 ideas here but there are so many great ideas on the blog in terms of paper craft, such as stamping and stencilling with roses & hearts.

But before I bring you to the obvious Valentines Day Ideas to DIY, here are ideas that are not expensive, barely cost time to organise, and do say ‘I love you’ in a simple, yet bespoke manner.



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Sing the Song of Love: Honeysuckle Rose

Do I hear: “I should not have to buy anything??!” My personal all-time favorite gift to receive is a love song. 

Well, how about memorizing the lyrics to this classic love song, “Honeysuckle Rose”. Which sweetheart would not swoon…?!

Memorising the lyrics and learning how to sing is not easy. Plus, performing in front of your sweetheart can be nerve-wrecking. 

But, if you begin now, you sing it to her …next year? (In the meantime, you can just buy something that says love, roses and originality)


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Gorgeous Betsy Johnson Rose Earrings

Glamorous in Betsy Johnson’s own unique (gipsy) style. These dangling earrings with roses are beautiful and flattering.


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How to Make Origami Roses for Valentines Day

Learn how to make paper roses (video tutorial)

Handmade Origami Roses for Valentines

Complete instructions on how to make them. It’s easy and not as much work as it looks.

Make some ahead of time to personalise a dinner invitation?


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Michael Kors Earrings in Rose Gold tone (stainless steel)

These hoop earrings make a nice elegant statement. Not outlandishly expensive, but not ‘cheap’ either. Just right?


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A Tiffany Lamp

Dragonflies, are they not the carriers of magic in the air? I don’t know what it is with Tiffany lamps, but they do always make me smile.

This one is bright colored flowers and dragonflies, but there are others with pale pink roses too. The colors are not always this outspoken. It’s just the one I picked for the feature photo here.

Superb present if this is her taste.


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Exquisitely Scented French Soap

The gift of French soap belongs to renaissance kings & queens and fairy tales. This French soap is not just ‘made with the French Triple Milling method, it’s made in the South of France by distinguished perfumers in Grasse – perfume capital of the world.

This luxury soap set consists of Orange Blossom, Gardenia and Rose Acacia.

This is ‘the good stuff’! Long-lasting bar with an irresistibly luxurious lather. 100% natural; and free of phthalates, SLS, parabens, GMO’s or BHT. Because of its rich and sustainable Organic Shea Butter, Calendula, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E, these premium quality, triple milled, vegetable soaps will cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin.


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Godiva Chocolates

Best Belgium chocolates available in the US. To me, this is definitely an alternative to long-stemmed roses that wilt the next day because they were grown artificially just for Valentines Day. … Although these are so good, not sure how long this box will last me.

Actually, I think … 12 days. I recall once buying Godiva ice cream. I allowed myself 1 spoonful a day after dinner. Amazingly, because it was o full of flavour, it was enough for me. That little tub of ice cream lasted me a long time. In case you wonder: it was raspberry and white chocolate ice cream.


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Gardening Seed Set

Sometimes, it’s not food or flowers, but the meaning behind the gift that makes it say ‘I love you, truly’.

There is something ever so soulful about gardening, and in particular, growing one’s own food.

This seeds set is not for a bush with red roses, but for a wide assortment of vegetables that are heirloom, organic, non-GMO.

To me, this seed set says: I want to be with you for a long time, I want to be the seed of your health and wellbeing, and spend hours of happiness in your garden and kitchen with you, build a future, and share life. No GMO-laden long-stemmed rose can do that, right?!

… although


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Edible roses

Some heirloom roses are in fact edible. Did you know you can make great jam and marmalade with rose pedals? I just received rose jam home-made by a friend. New to me, but sure is delicious!

And then this type of rose, dog rose (latin: rosa canina) produces rose hips after flowering. Rose hip is one of the most priced fruits, also great for jam, sauces. It promotes good health as it’s choco-ful of vitamin C and has loads of other great properties.

Personally, this is what I want for Valentines Day.

Those are some not so obvious Valentine Roses gift ideas. 

Truth is, all you need is: a kiss.

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