9 Alternatives to Long Stemmed Roses for Valentines

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I just wrote a little something for the folks of e-zine, offering some original alternatives to classic long stemmed roses as a Valentine’s Day gift. I referred to the many paper craft ideas featured here on the blog, such as stamping and stencilling with roses & hearts. As well, I hinted to some ideas that don’t cost time and do say ‘I love you’.


1. Sing the Song of Love: Honeysuckle Rose

Do I hear you don’t want to ‘have to buy’ anything??! OK. How about memorizing the lyrics to this great song, “Honeysuckle Rose”.


Which sweetheart would not swoon…?!

This is my personal all-time favorite gift to receive: a song of love.  Learning the lyrics and learning to sing is not easy, and performing in front of your sweetheart can be nerve-wrecking.  You can start learning now and sing it next year. In the meantime, you can just buy something that say love, roses and originality.

  2. Gorgeous Betsy Johnson Rose Baby Doll

Betsey Johnson Babydoll

In a nice size, not too skimpy, actually fitting a real woman. It’s very beautiful and flattering.

3.  Adesso’s Latest Lamp: Contemporary Red with Black Roses

 RedroselampbyAdessoAdesso 6512-08 Roses Table Lamp, Red


Really cool.
Also in chic black,
but red is more romantic.

Pre-order it.

4. Handmade Origami Roses

origami_rose Complete instructions on how to make them. It’s easy and not as much work as it looks.


Useful to help decorate and personalise a store-bought present.

6.  Coral Rose & Pear drop Pearls

redcoralrosepearlnecklaceRed Coral Rose Cultured Pearl Tail Silver Pendant w. Silver Chain Necklace


I think this is quite lovely and apparently it’s quite sparkly.  It’s sweet.

However, if you want diamonds with that, check this first:

7. Romantic Tiffany Lamp with Roses

TiffanyLampRoses31 Inch H Cabbage Rose Table Lamp Table Lamps


Love this Tiffany table lamp.


8. English Rose Garden Bench

DC America SLP2660BRSP, Rose Resin Back Park Bench, Cast Iron legs, Rust-free Resin Back, and Hardwood Slats, Rust Resistant Bronze Finish


Great for gals with gardens. Great match to …

9. Garden Rose Bush

rosebushMorden Sunrise Rose Bush


Did you know you can make great jam / marmelade from rose pedals?

Just got some made by a friend. Is this an Italian thing or do we do this in North America also? New to me, but sure is delicious.

Great joy to receive a rose bush…
It would be to me.

Those are some not so obvious Valentine Roses gift ideas. 

Truth is, all you need is a kiss.

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