Alternative Christmas Trees


If you don’t yet have a Christmas tree, well, … that’s perfect ! I have a collection of adorable alternative Christmas trees, that you can make on a dime, and are loved by Mother Nature and your kids alike.

Alternative Christmas Trees

Pompom Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
From: 1959 white stone publication ‘How to Christmas’ book
Probably in the 1958 version as well.
Pompom Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
Pompom Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
By V-Day Tree
alternative Christmas trees
Curly Branches - Alternative Christmas Trees -
alternative Christmas trees
By Lisa Wohnen und Dekorieren
bean ball xmas tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
Pompom Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
pasta Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -
hawaiian xmas tree doecdoe
by doecdoe
pipe cleaner Christmas tree
xmas origami tree
craftstick christmas tree
wooden xmas tree w candles
grow a christmas tree
white painted foliage - Alternative Christmas Trees -
by Real Simple
Coffee filter Tree - Alternative Christmas Trees -


Alternative Christmas Tree Materials

I fell in love with this polka dot tree. It’s just a stamp. However, I can already see it really enlarged and printed out. Then collaged upon with the favorite family photos and hung on your ‘splash’ wall in the living room.
Then,… you can continue your polka dot christmas tree-theme everywhere and on all your entertainment items: stamp it on napkins, table runners, tea towels, glasses, vases, Christmas party invitations & dinner table place cards, guest soaps… etc.

Alternative Christmas Trees

Now for Big Trees that make a splash in your living room,
there is no limit to the materials you could use to make your own Christmas tree. I’m instantly thinking of …

  1. Sticks
  2. Stickers
  3. Cotton Balls
  4. Crochet Tree Set
  5. Pinecones
  6. Coffee filters
  7. Fabric Wall hanging
  8. Planks
  9. Sticks tree
  10. Polka dots
  11. Metal curls – coat hangers
  12. Craft paper
  13. Embroidery hoops on wall with green fabric
  14. Tilted books in bookcase
  15. Trees from candy
  16. Wire and beads
  17. Recycle bottle bottoms
  18. Burlap
  19. Paper
  20. Quilled with curly branches
  21. Quilted Christmas Trees – Get a Free Sewing Pattern
  22. Toilet paper rolls
  23. Folded doilies, stacked and painted
  24. Paper mache over a cone shape, covered with music paper, and glitter and doodles
  25. Cut out letters along a spiral metal
  26. Folded fabric cones
  27. Sizal thread
  28. Ragpipe cleaner
  29. Ribbons
  30. Wrapping paper
  31. Colored fabric birdies
  32. Socks
  33. Stockings
  34. Wood slices
  35. Felt
  36. Cut cardboard
  37. Folded book pages
  38. Christmas tree decorative balls
  39. Wood slices
  40. Wooden Cloth pins Christmas Tree
  41. Stiff Crochet Edging Christmas Tree

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