Gorgeous DIY Advent Calendars with a Muffin Pan

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Recall our collection of the best homemade advent calendars? I just came across one more that I really like: a DIY Advent Calendar made with a muffin tin. Great idea.

New Advent Calendar Template

While I love the idea of the muffin tin calendar and the scrapbooking embellishments by Andrea who blogs at “Modern, yet Old-Fashioned’’,  she did make this quite a few years ago. Furthermore, not everyone has time to make these embellishments, so the idea emerged to create a pretty Christmas advent calendar template, that you can use to quickly DIY this project.

I just added my new Christmas advent calendar downloadable printables as the feature image for this page, and in my mini artisan shop, so you have an easy peasy template to play with to quickly knock up a muffin pan calendar similar to this one!

Craft Supplies Needed

To make these Gorgeous Advent Calendars

Step-by-Step Instructions
for Muffin Pan Advent Calendars

    • 1. Cut the magnet sheets into 2.25” squares
    • 2. Cut out 2.25” squares from pretty paper
    • 3. Lay them out onto your advent calendar till you like how they group together, and then glue them onto the magnets.
    • 4. Now, add the numbers.
    • 5. Add layers and layers of embellishments till your calendar feels ‘perfectly ready for Christmas’.
    • 6. Fill each cubby hole with some goodies, tiny toys, sweet sayings, a Christmas ‘to-do’, or whatever your holiday heart desires. I think writing out holiday activities to do with the family are a great idea.
    • 7. Hang it up and enjoy the Christmas Countdown.

Advent Calendar muffin pan

This is the work of a scrapbook Pro! Yet,…. this advent calendar is super-easy to make! And of course, this is exactly, why I am writing about it: giving you the secrets to successful scrapbook your own advent calendar this year.

Source | image credit: Modern, yet Old-fashioned

Design Tip

How to make this into a house-shaped advent Calendar? It’s easy. Simply cut a triangular piece of cardboard to make a roof.

Glue on coordinating scrapbooking pattern and attach to the muffin pan with a magnetic strip at the bottom of the roof. If you wish, you can make the top triangular sides red, the bulk of the triangular the same color as your pan and place a cute top floor window in the center of it, perhaps with a cute ‘Merry Christmas’ phrase attached to the advent calendar house facade.

Cutest Advent Calendars

No longer for Purchase, but a great inspiration on how to keep it simple!

Best Craftsy Advent Calendars :: Fine Craft Guild.com
The Land of Nod/ Pottery Barn had some very advent calendars, that you can easily DIY.  I love how they just stuck with a few colors, did not embellish everything, and created a real modern style to their calendars.

Most Popular Advent Calendar

I kind of don’t like telling you this, but the most popular advent calendars are actually not the homemade variety, the super-crafty ones that we tend to like and make.

Kids seem to prefer & encourage parents to get them this instead: Lego is what they love! This LEGO City Advent Calendar (Affiliate link) makes every day leading up to Christmas a building adventure. Kids get to open a window each day, and find characters and other parts to build a city adventure. This advent calendar makes a great gift.

However, having said this, I prefer the homemade variety myself, which is why I designed this advent calendar knitting pattern so we can all make one ourselves!

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