Free Adirondack Chair Plans (Printable)

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Adirondack Chair Plans

adirondack chairs

You can find them in fun beach resorts, fisher man villages, both romantic and nautical-themed B & B’s They’re so comfy and so beautiful….:

Adirondack chairs!
Want one?

How about making them yourself for your own patio or elsewhere, outdoors ?  Adirondack Chairs are  durable. This is why grandma still has hers…  Yes, they are a statement of outdoor comfort.

However, we want them because these chairs are beautiful, and look forward to owning a set of chairs.

How to Make an Adirondack Chair

They are actually inexpensive to make, and when you use the plans provided here, you will see that they are designed for easy assembly, so that a novice can build them. 

The seat has a nice curved recess to conform to your body, and wide arms to hold your favorite snack and drink. As this seat doesn’t slope steep-downward like traditional Adirondack chairs, they are easy to get in and out of.


With this Adirondack chair plan or pattern, you can make three design versions:

Step back design

Gable back design

Round back design

adirondack chairsadirondack chairsadirondack chair round
adirondack chair plan

Tools Needed

You only need a circular saw, a drill and simple hand tools to make this Adirondack chair. It’s designed for simplicity of construction so that, with patience, possibly a novice can do a great job. So, don’t be daunted, just begin!

Materials Needed

If you choose pressure-treated pine wood for this project, you’ll end up with a low cost, high strength chair with plenty of longevity.

Most outdoor wood furniture you find in furniture stores is made from cedar or expensive teak, but regular treated boards from your home center or lumberyard are perfect for this project.

Click here for a very detailed plan, materials list, diagrams and step-by-step chair making instructions.

Alternative Design – Free Adirondack Chair Plan

2016: Sorry your free Adirondack chair plan from are no longer available.

adirondack chair diyadirondack chair diy 

You can build our step-back version of the chair and love seat or experiment with other shapes to suit your sense of style. Matching love seat

Tip: Try the gable or round back shown below or draw a different shape on paper, tape it to the chair and step back to see how you like it.

Personally, I can see a round chair back with a Fleur de Lis painted in its center. But you can paint your chairs funky, romantic or nautical. Paint them white, varnish them, or rub them with teak oil: they are bound to delight. What do you want to do?  Options are open. No worries about a drab green look of treated wood: simply brush on an exterior oil or latex stain and give it a beautiful warm glow that makes it look more like mahogany or teak than treated pine.

btw This Adirondack chair plan is accompanied by a free Adirondack bench pattern. Love that love seat!

For detailed tutorial instructions to make the wooden Adirondack chairs and benches:

Family Handyman Magazine

beach chairFor detailed tutorials for beach chairs / folding garden or patio chairs:



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btw. Did you know that Adirondack chairs are called cape cod chairs by some?

Happy woodworking all!

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