Thanksgiving Decorations: Abundance Seed Balls

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A great idea for Thanksgiving decorations is making decorative bean balls in a cornucopia. It’s an inexpensive craft project with kids, or just all by yourself, having fun being creative.

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Symbolic Meaning of Cornucopias & Seed

Cornucopia, the overflowing horn, is an ancient symbol of abundance, and the seeds can represent both the seeds of change as well as the harvest and abundance source for renewal. From a simple interior design point of view, these seed balls make for a great, lasting color splash that stays a long time as table centerpiece.

Great idea for Fall and Thanksgiving.

How to Make Abundance Seed Balls / Decorative Bean Balls

  • Materials: Foam or other balls, a variety of beans and seeds; paint & glue.
  • Paint balls in colors of seeds/beans & let dry.
  • Glue on seeds. Bigger seeds need stronger glue and will be harder to work with.
  • See ‘which glue for which craft’.

Display balls in and around a cornucopia-shaped basket.

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