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Halloween over. What are we going to hang up next?  Too early for Christmas gear, so how about a bit of romantic cheer?

These simple, romantic vintage sheet music hearts are one such thing.

romantic sheet music paper heart pendants :: finecraftguild.com

image credit: Dreams and Weddings at tumblr

Having eloped myself, one might think that I’m not so into weddings. Regarding some aspects, that might be so, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to romantic décor!

Fortunately, I have no problem making romantic wedding decorations and having these heart pendants in my home, just like that. It does not have to be Valentine’s Day either…

How to Make DIY Heart Pendants

1. Make a 3 Heart templates, of different sizes that are appropriate for the space they will be hanging in. A banquette room may need larger hearts than a child’s bedroom… just saying…

2. Cut out lots of Hearts from romantic vintage paper. Sheet music is fun, but there are scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, and even dyed recycled papers that are perfect for heart pendants.

3. Hang them in groupings, on ribbons or strings of embroidery floss of different lengths.

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More Romantic Wedding Décor ideas

Here are some more romantic DIY wedding decorating ideas that I know you will love! And remember, you too can just makes these gorgeous, romantic decorations and use them everyday. You have my permission. For example, wouldn’t the book cover on the right be perfect to wrap around a bible or other prayer book? I think so!

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