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Paper Paris Vacation Toys

Paper Paris Vacation Toys

: this great freebie! I have the ultimate toys for bad-weather days and dreaming with your kids of going on vacation in …. Paris!!   These travel-sized paper landmark buildings allow you to enact the most wonderful vacation adventures in Paris. Free!! And...

Unique Lamps in Paris

Crochet Lamps Easy DIY project…   One-of-a-Kind Artist Chandelier made from wire, features and found elements (click on the images to see close-ups) Challenging DIY project   Antique Chandeliers Too late to make yourself… Antique is antique.   Vintage...

French Cafes in Paris

Many people in North America have a notion of ‘French Bistro’-style that actually does not really exist.  The real-life version is less manicured. Instead of gentle and refined, French cafes in reality are more ‘edgy’.   Come have a look. The famous...

Paris Antiques

Pin It   A picture tells a thousand words, so without any further ado then, let me show off some of the glorious antique pieces I found in some of Paris's best art and antique shops. French Antiques     

Fabulous Parisian Shoe Fashion

Look here because you’ve never seen anything like it before: Parisian fashion shoes. Come window shopping with me…   Suede Plateau Shoes with Fur Heel   Or if you prefer, this pair comes in black patent leather and bright red fur heels.    ...

Happy Zafu Meditation Pillows in Paris

Interested in 'new age' type DIY/Craft projects? Then I'm sure you've seen my pattern for Zafu meditation pillows. Remember this pattern??! If not, check it out first, so you know what I am talking about.... The detailed pattern is illustrated in a simple, calm 'misty...

Parisian Table Setting Idea with Ivy

  Some ideas are just so easy and perfect that you wished you’d thought of it yourself.  Here’s a 2 minute table setting idea that will bring the garden into your home and transforms a plain dinner party table setting into one with elegant beauty. Simple...

French Design Inspiration from Paris

Sharing my secret: I’m in Paris!!!!   Instead of craft & DIY tutorials, you’ll find world-class creative inspirational photos to help you develop your own DIY and craft ideas… for the next 2 weeks!   Some of the articles will be a single brilliant idea (I'll...

Elegant Fingerless Gloves – Easy Crochet Pattern

Elegant Fingerless Gloves – Easy Crochet Pattern

These elegant fingerless gloves are made to measure. Detailed instruction included to make them a perfect fit for you.

The base pattern is made for narrow hands, and instructions are provided to size them up, for average and larger-sized hands. Everyone’s catered for!

Is Insul Bright Safe for a Face Mask?

Is Insul Bright Safe for a Face Mask?

Reader Michelle just asked me today: "Is Insul Bright safe to make a face mask out of, like if I were to put it in the middle as a filter?" Great question!!! But, is Insul Bright Safe for a Face Mask? My short answer is: no. And I have a couple of reasons why I think...

Peter Pan – Detachable Crochet Collar Pattern

Peter Pan – Detachable Crochet Collar Pattern

Been looking for a trendy Peter Pan detachable crochet collar pattern? They have become quite the fashion lately. This simple 'Peter Pan' style crochet collar pattern gets you walk around in style and trend in no time. It only takes about an hour, start to finish to...

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