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: Today’s pattern is for a pretty 8 pointed star block to complete our sample quilt :

Hi all! Sorry to say, but our beloved quilt instructor has a back injury. I don’t dare asking her to come teach us quilting as she should really rest and recover instead. Not sure if/when she’ll be back. We’ll think of her fondly (and in admiration) as we reread all her quilting instructions to date, and bravely try to make these final quilt blocks on our own. Shall we?!

As we are approaching the end of this quilt sampler sewing project, we are left with the more challenging blocks. Ahh… I’ll try, as I love the idea of finishing this Fall quilt. BUT, … I am as much a beginner as you are. Bear that in mind as I am sharing instructions here… so, please forgive me for not having pretty pictures today, as this is very much on last minute notice!

Meaningful Design

I chose to make an 8 pointed star block, because the 8 pointed radiance, star or wheel is used in many religions and cultures, ranging from the crucifixion, to the Union Jack, to the Buddhist eight-spoked wheel. That wheel represents the Eightfold Path taught by the Buddha as a means to escape suffering through the breaking of attachments. These paths are right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. Love it! And if that was not all, it’s a design resembles a snowflake, when in white, and could be used for Christmas holidays too.

8 Pointed Star Block :: Beginners Quilt Workshop :: FineCraftGuild.com

8 Pointed Star Block Design (PDF)


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Janeen’s original sampler quilt design featured a block with three nested 8-pointed stars. See that block on the top middle of our original design plan?! 3 nested star quilt blocks. Too advanced for me. Perhaps for you too; they appear to be more ‘intermediate’ than at a ‘beginners’ level. No doubt, Janeen would have had a secret to making these be really easy. As she’s away with back pain, I am replacing this with a simpler, classic quilt block design that is based on the easy 8 – pointed star. Now, that’s something that I might be able to pull of on my sewing machine. You?

How to Quilt an 8-pointed star block

Unfortunately, I don’t have that fancy quilting design software, which makes block and quilt designing a breeze: Electric Quilt 7.

Because it’s on last minute notice, I am here sitting instead with a good old-fashioned pencil, paper and a pair of scissors. Doing the math. After all, quilting is a math class! And, even though it’s been a while since I was in high school, I figured it all out. Don’t you worry.

8 Pointed Star Block :: Beginners Quilt Workshop :: FineCraftGuild.com


With 20/20 Rear Vision….

…Given the incredible time it took to work out all the measurements of each piece of fabric, plus seam allowance, though, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you invest in getting this software, if you are planning on taking up quilting as a hobby!!!! As well, take Janeen’s advice and GET YOURSELF a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat for fast precision cutting. See lesson #2: quilting tools. Why? There is a faster way to make this star, but you can only do it well if you have the tools to cut proper 45 degree angles, etc.


8 Pointed Star Block :: Beginners Quilt Workshop :: FineCraftGuild.com

Fabric Needs

For my quilt block with octagonal star, with a final size of 10” by 10”, we’re going to make a 10.5” by 10.5” unfinished block.

To quilt this 8 pointed star block, you will need:


The Star

For star background corners: 4 squares, measuring 3.5” x 3.5”.

For star background triangles: 1 piece of 5.5” x 5.5”, to be cut diagonally into 4.

For star points: 8 piece cut according to the attached template.

Each side of the cut diamond is 3.75” long, incl. seam allowance. When sewn, each side of the diamond will be 3” exact.

For the border

Surrounding the star: 4 strips of 1” x 10.25”, or 4” x 10.25”



How to Cut an 8-Pointed Star

8 pointed star templates by FineCraftGuild.com


Easier than it seems. The hard part is figuring out all the designs. In the end, I decided to simply give you a template as that avoid you to have to do math as well. Now you can just print the template and boom, you’re there! So, cut 8 pieces with this template. Ensure that the 2” marker is indeed 2”. Otherwise, scale the template as is needed.

8 pointed star templates by FineCraftGuild.com



Also easy. Either just use the template provided. Alternatively, remember Janeen’s technique of take a square, and cutting it diagonally? You could do that instead. Twice: Cut 2 larger triangles and then cut these again in half.



Of course that’s easy. Measure 3.5 x 3.5 “ and cut that shape 4 times.



Cut into 1” strips.


How to Piece the Various Quilt Design Components Together.

Taking a .25” seam allowance, attach two diamonds together, add a triangle. Do that 4 times. Sew the diamonds together and add the squares at the corner.

At this point I would blot your quilt work to flatten it a bit, if needed.

Now, add the logs. Again take .25” seam allowance. The top of each log should line up with that side of your quilt block.


The Result

You now have 8 patterns, which you can make into a baby quilt, car back seat quilt, into 4 placements, as a mini table cloth…


The first 6 blocks in our Sampler Quilt

8 Pointed Star Block :: Beginners Quilt Workshop :: FineCraftGuild.com


Last week’s block


The Entire Sample Quilt, with all the Blocks


Tip #1: if you’d like to make this into the 9 block sampler quilt originally intended, I suggest you repeat any of the prior quilt blocks, but use a different color scheme. You’ll amaze yourself on the different designs you can create with all the techniques that Janeen (and myself) have provided here. Play around with it. Have fun.

Tip #2: BE SURE to review all 25 free online quilting workshops, also those beyond this sample quilts. What Janeen has provided here is an incredible library of options and designs that can lead to a nearly infinite number of different quilts. Happy Sewing!! And let’s all pray that Janeen gets well soon!

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