66 Alternative Coffee Filter Uses

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Well, over the years we have mentioned quite a few alternative coffee filter uses. Including how to create this amazing coffee filter prom dress, stunning runway-quality evening paper dresses.  Of course, smaller decorative projects such as DIY coffee filter Christmas trees are an old favorite on our site as well. But ** 66 **  different, unusual uses of coffee filters, well that is a lot of craft, DIY and thrifty home makers ideas. I thought to share this wealth of ideas with you.

Favorite Alternative Coffee Filter Uses

My favorite tip is to make your own dryer sheets with coffee filters, by merely adding a few drops of vinegar and lavender oil. Nice scent and reduces static.

alternative coffee filter uses

(Talking about dryer sheets… be sure to re-use them and make them into fabulous scented DIY dryer sheet envelops afterwards….)

image credit | the list of 66: One good thing by Jillee


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