50 DIY Wooden Furniture + Woodworking Projects

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Here they are: 50 fabulous DIY Wooden Furniture Woodworking projects, to be cherished by non-girly girls and DIY-ers like us.

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Yesterday I received a lovely email of a new newsletter reader who was hoping to get more woodworking projects. Well, I have a nice surprise for her & you: an overview of most of our featured wooden DIY projects / woodworking projects. There are many wooden furniture projects, using either new or recycled wood, particularly recycled pallets. And there is more.

Enjoy & Be inspired!

50 Fabulous Woodworking Projects

I have broken the long list down into smaller categories, so that you can easily find things.

Some furniture projects, some outdoor furniture projects, some recycled furniture projects, some seasonal home decorating woodworking projects.

Woodworking DIY Furniture Projects

Using new wood, made from scratch:

1. Pottery Barn Knock-offs ::  Tutorial to DIY Mirrors

2. Plans to make a luxurious ottoman, from scratch, frame and all
3. Pottery Barn Knock-off :: detailed DIY woodworking plans for
King bed with Drawers
4.   Italian Farmhouse Kitchen Table :: detailed DIY woodworking plans

Recycled Furniture Makeovers

5. Recycled Furniture :: Bench Before / After
6. Recycled Antique Front door, becomes Original Designer Desk.
The most important ingredient in this diy furniture project is finding that vintage door. Would you believe that just days after I posted this, I visited a farmhouse in Puglia and found they had made the exact same table. Incredible!
7. Desk with recycled pallets :: Tutorial on how to make one.
8. Recycled Furniture, becomes Kids Play Kitchen
9. DIY Magazine Rack from Recycled Shutters
10. Recycled Furniture made into Darling Pet Bed
11. DIY Designer ‘Saks 5th Avenue’ Ottoman from Recycled Materials

Fabulous Bedroom Furniture Sets :: DIY Beds + DIY Wooden & Fabric Headboards

12. A Princess Bedroom, made with Recycled wood, pallets, or driftwood . >Get your hammer out and get creative with pieces of old wood. There are no rules to creative home decorating, as this hotel bedroom shows.
13. Recycled Pallets Daybed + other recycled furniture projects. Inspirational woodworking projects, to say the least. Yesm with these projects you get to hammer and saw, if you wish.
14. Beautiful New Headboard for a Kids Bed, made from a recycled door. Must have a handy man diploma to pull this one of – not.& You can do it!
15. Boy Bedroom with DIY Union Jack Headboard
16. Mantelpiece Bed Headboard
…. and other upholstered Headboards to DIY

Recycled Ladder Home Decorating & DIY Furniture

17. Vintage Ladder Bed Canopy
18. Ladder Bookshelves
19. Cool DIY Outdoor Shower w/ handmade ladder and simple showerhead
20. Various DIY furniture projects featuring ladders.
Eg. Ladder Kitchen Pot Rack and … other ladder decor ideas. Click link to find more ladder projects.

Recycled Furniture :: Dresser Makeovers

21. DIY Silverleaf Dresser & Other Restyled Furniture Designs
22.   Recycled Furniture :: Paint your Dresser with Lace :: a la Anthropologie
23. Recycled Furniture :: Race Car Dresser
24. Recycled Furniture :: Dresser made from Coke Crates
nautical dresser :: recycled furniture25.
26. DIY Makeover of Vintage Venetian Dresser
27. Recycled Furniture :: Dresser as Planter
28. Recycled Furniture :: Rock star -themed Dresser for Teenage Boy Bedroom
29. Animal Stencil Dresser DIY
30. Recycled furniture :: Dresser Makeover w. Gameboy theme
31. Fabric Covered Dresser :: DiY Furniture Makeover
32. Travel themed Dresser :: Recycled Furniture Transformation
33. Numbered Dresser :: Restyled Dresser :: a la Anthropologie
34. Designer Dresser
35.  Chevron Dresser Makeover

( 1 of about 20 different ways featured )
to transform an old dresser)
36. Dresser Transformation

DIY Wooden Home Decor Accessories

37. Vase on Mounted Wooden Console
38. DIY Wood Map
39. Wooden Stump Pumpkins
40. Alternative Christmas Trees (several wooden designs)
41. Log Table DIY

Woodworking Projects :: DIY Interior Design

42. DIY Wooden Ceiling to make your house look like an antique Roman castle (pallazzo). I LOVE this.
43. DIY Wooden Ceiling 2 (for the rest of us. Still very pretty, but simpler
44. Bathroom wall cover from Recycled Pallets
45. DIY built-in Benches (to let a corner of your living room come alive and be ultra functional)
46. Unusual Upcycled Kitchen Cabinets


Woodworking DIY Projects for Outdoor Furniture

47. Simple, Romantic Wooden Garden Bench
48. Plans to make your own Recycled Wooden Garden Shed DIY (from recycled pallets & other pallet furniture DIY projects)
49. Adirondack Chairs (aka Cape Cod Chairs)
50. Wooden Branch DIY Table Top
51. Beach Chairs (aka Deck Chairs)
52. DIY Feature Fence
53. DiY Firepit w benches.

Click the links in the articles for the actual woodworking plans.

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