5 things to Love About Being a Mom

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  1. The thought of you being one with nature (& with the Divine) through this one act of child birth. And, from then on, building generations and generations to follow you. Like a link in the chain of life.
  2. It’s rewarding sharing with your kids the best of your understanding of life. To pass on your values and wisdom, and to see some of the better parts of yourself reflected in them.
  3. You learn being patient & flexible, finally.
  4. Particularly the phase of childrearing when the cubbies are still really little, has mother_son_ad_passonto be the cuddliest time of your life.
  5. It’s fun being a mom, as it allows you to play constantly, be goofy, creative, whimsical, take time off to spend with your kids who live in this world where everything from cloths to shoes to toys to bedrooms is adorable. Not only are you get away with it, but you’re being appreciated for it.

Just how good is that?!




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