5 Inspiring Art Journal Page Ideas

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Today I’m in a soulful mood and inspired to make some art. How about some art journal pages? Great idea, great start of the day, any day. Actually, I make mine throughout the day, rather than first thing. Great meditation on how to proceed with things that are a bit stuck during the day. You actually don’t have to think anything. Somehow the answers just flow to you and through you during the pursuit of art.

I think it is because at that time the left and the right hemisphere of your brain are having a conversation with each other. Must be something like this.

Art Journal Page Ideas

Be inspired. Hope you enjoy these empowering images of art journal pages, and I hope they entail ideas for your own pages.

1. Art Journal Page on the Power of Making Art

Inspiring Art Journal Page Ideas- make_art_journal_page

To create is to be calm. Making art calms and soothes.

The healing power of art should not be underestimated.

Make Art!

By Kathryn Wheel


2  Art Journal Page on the ‘Journey’

Inspiring Art Journal Page Ideas- journey

By Kristy Patterson



3. Art Journal Page on Inspiration, Transformation.

What are you inspired by to lead your own inner transformation?


Page by : Melody Ross (website not an artistic art journaling site, but an youth teaching site — no longer available 2016)



4. Art Journal Page on Love

‘Your Heart Sings, My Soul Listens’


Page by Lilith Eeckels


5. Art Journal Page Idea ‘I Know Nothing ..’

Last but certainly not least:


By Norma Gomez at Honeybee Studios


These are each fantastic artists. I love each and every art journal page idea here.

Storing, gifting and selling Your Inspiring Art Journal Pages

I usually end up saving my inspiring art journal page ideas (specific pages) separately. If you want to sell individual art journal pages as art on its own, you will need some clear bags.

Here in the UK, I have just spotted these supplies (after a lot of research, so I am sharing this with you.


or these ones, which seems a notch up in quality:

Pack of 100 – C6 – Cellophane Greeting Card Display Bags 30 Micron Self Seal – 120mm x 162mm + 30mm Flap

cards to match:
Anita’s 100 x A6 Blank Cards & Envelopes – White
6 pounds

A5 plastic bags, for slightly larger pages:
Pack of 100 – C5 – Cellophane Greeting Card Display Bags Self Seal – 167mm x 230mm


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