5 Fabulous Last Minute Halloween Ideas

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Oh, today there’s so much today, Halloween day. Some of us have been ready for months. But not I (and many of you, last-minute-trippers.) So, for us, then, here are 5 last minute Halloween ideas to look like the splendid party host without spending much money or time.

1. Last Minute Halloween Ideas for your Home Décor :: Ribbon-ed Pumpkins

Create a last minute elegant Halloween decorative party splash by simply covering a few pumpkins with some striped and polka dotted fabric and ribbons. Use Black organza to finish off your look. Easy 5 minute project per pumpkin.

ribboned pumpkins
My favorite of the 5 fabulous last minute halloween ideas are these pretty ribbon pumpkins

This is only one idea from the 50+ No Carve Pumpkin Decorations post. Check them all out.

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2. Easy & Fast Halloween Costumes Idea :: Jelly Beans in a Bag

jelly beans bag  halloween costume

image credit: https://modernkiddo.com

This is just one of my 101 Halloween Costume Ideas. A fabulous overview and creative ideas here. Many of these Halloween costumes you can easily make at home. Be sure to check them out.

3. Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea :: Easy Scarecrow Makeup

No time for a ‘whole costume’? How about just some face painting with a hat with some yarn, and some rags / husband’s shirt and shorts? This will do just fine. In fact, this will be great:


STEP 1: Apply good-covering foundation over face and eyes, rather light color, not white. Lightly dust w powder for a matte look.
STEP 2: Use matte red/orange facepainting to paint lips and round circles on cheeks. Add small amount of same color on top of nose and rub in, to become a rouge.
STEP 3: With black eye pencil, paint face long eye lashes below the eye. Add a line over the eye lid as well as inside, top and bottom. Add mascara to finish of the eye. Faux long eye lashes: optional.
STEP 4: With black eye pencil or face painting pencil, add stitch lines over face around nose and on cheeks.
STEP 5: With white face painting pencil, add white accents to make all the colors pop and finalize the look.

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4. Last Minute Halloween Party Food :: Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

This 4th of the 5 fabulous last minute halloween ideas is easy, healthy and fun Halloween-themed finger food: pumpkin devilled eggs

These devilled eggs are seasoned with Thai curry spices and then decorated with bits of chives (or spring onion) to make to the pumpkin stems! Optionally, add a spoonful of coconut cream to the yolk mixture instead of mayonnaise to round off that Asian flavoring.

For a ‘regular’ pumpkin Halloween egg, use again the chives for the stems. Add Tumeric and paprika powder, pepper and salt for seasoning and color.

image credit: Foodista.com (something wrong w this site right now, so just see in this video instead for how to make devilled eggs).

For a sweet easy, healthy and fun Halloween-themed finger food item, make some outlandishly delicious and fun Melted Witches Treats!


5. Halloween Home Décor :: Ghost


If you think you can not make home decor without going to the shop, think again. Changes are you have most of what you need already in your cleaning cabinet.

For larger ghosts, particularly for outside, see this awesome Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Ghost.

And we also have this Free printable Halloween Ghost Garland template to round out that ghost theme!


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