4th of July Maps Clipart GiveAway

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I thought to share two great giveaways today for fun paper art & craft projects to help you celebrate 4th of July in the craftiest of manners. What better way to celebrate independence day with a vintage map of the USA and Lady Liberty holding up the American flag?

How-to Use these 4th of July Vintage Clipart Map Images

Here are some ideas:

  • Use them in your decoupage
  • Frame ‘m,
  • Cut them up and make a lamp
  • Make a 4th of July paper dress or paper flower with the map (print a couple)
  • Print them onto fabric and make bags, quilts, or 4th of July table cloths with them
  • Do any kind of scrapbooking
  • Cover your books with them
  • Miniaturize them into illustrations for your 4th of July picnic invite

The sky is the limit.


Free Large Vintage Maps of the USA


… from an old geography book.  Beautiful.


Free Large Vintage Illustration of Statue of Liberty



Click the images to find their larger versions to you to use in your crafts. Please email us pictures of your craft projects in which  you are using either of these vintage 4th of July illustrations.


And last but not least, thank you to the amazing Graphics Fairy for finding these for us!  As well, she’s done her research for us and they are apparently in the public domain, i.e. copyright free for us to use as we like.

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