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Popular last year and still on the runway for Louis Vuitton, the shirt – skirt is a stayer. A Louis Vuitton-label sewn on at the inside will cost you a tat, however, you could easily refashion your own clothing to make shirt skirts. FashionIndie tells me they’re expensive fashion items that are likely to stay around for a while.


  • Tip: a solid shirt is easiest, as you’ll avoid crooked stripes
  • You’ll need a shirt, needle/thread, and elastic thread.
  • Cut the shirt according to the desired length (stitch elastic at the top),
  • sew the arms together to serve as a belt/sash, and …
  • throw on some belt loops!

Really, it’s that easy!”

Louis Vuitton Spring Fashion Fashion Indie’s DYI idea
louis vuitton shirt skirt  :: skirt made from men shirt ::

image credit: louis vuitton &


You could use fabric as thick as demin jeans, however, I think this skirt shirt fashion item works best when made from this cotton.

As well, I would wear this as a short skirt, just not a mini skirt, unless you’d wear long shorts under them, as per Louis Vuitton’s fashion.



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