2010 Challenge: 20 Days, 10 Crafts


A  new year, a new plan. That’s how it is at FineCraftGuild. Lots of things to do!!!  A craft a day ~ set the timer on…. Let 2010 be an action-filled year. 

We hope you’ll join our 2010 craft challenge. You can join any time during the year. The best entries will be featured here on this blog as ‘winners’ and ‘honorable mentions’.  I’m sure we can come up with some great give-aways and prizes for the craft best amongst us.


How to Join the Craft Challenge

1. Complete 10 (really good) craft projects within 20 days.

2. Write your craft projects up on your blog ( … with photos? Yes, we all want good photos!!!).

3. Submit your exact article link (not homepage) to us below.

4. Proudly feature our badge on your site, linking back to us, and we can all join in the fun and satisfaction of an abundantly crafty and accomplished 2010!

5. Leave me a comment below.


Feature Your 2010 Craft Challenge Badge

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2010 Craft Challenge


My Personal 10 Crafts for the next 20 Days

My 10 craft projects for the next 20 or so days, I think, will be …:

1. Lovely warm poncho made in 5 minutes flat – Status: tutorial written, but pictures still to take. Does not help that photo uploader was recently stolen… Hassle galore!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, you’ll love this easy peasy craft upcycling project/ winter garment.

2. Winter kid craft – Status: project completed, photos to upload, article to write

3. How to paint an elephant tutorial  (Yes, I’m just making this up now) – Status: WIP. Did research and have some ideas.

4. Prepping for Valentines DayStatus: Done. Posted article Kid Cards for Valentines and am making gorgeous guilled Valentine Cards… I’ll show you … shortly??!! Meanwhile, here is some exemplary quilling art by Yulia Brodskaya

5. Status: Done: Tutorials for Martin Luther King Day Crafts project 1: paper letter garland &

Martin Luther King Day Crafts project 2 & 3: crochet letter garland, plus stars & stripes afghan – free patterns provided

6. Status: Done. Winter Wreaths – inspirational recycling idea & How to Make a Paper Wreath Tutorial

7. Status: Done. Best 101 Craft Tutorials Using* Recycled Materials 2009

BOOKMARK THIS so you can refer to it during the year

8. Fresh Ideas for 2010 to create your own CD-Case Desk CalendarStatus: WIP. Photo uploader stolen.. mmmm… am a bit stuck now. However, I have a fun January desk calendar layout done, which (I hope) will be a great inspiration for seamstresses.

9. Completing that bathroom (‘before/after’ home decorating project, that’s nearly done ha.. ha). Status Done.

10. Tidying up the currently DISASTEROUSLY MESSY craft cabinet (a ‘before/after’ craft organization project, that’s only just began and is MUCH needed) – Status: WIP. I just began the clean-up. Already feels a lot better.

Usually a few other ideas sneak in…. so stay tuned for happy surprises on this list of craft project. I’ll feature the link to the craft project when finished.


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