15+ Best Weekly Planners + Calendars for Craftsy Folks

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I love doing this every year: browsing through the calendars and finding the best ones. Here are my 14 favorite Weekly Planners and Craft Calendars for 2017. Weekly Planners Calendars_2017

Kate Spade Planner

Kate Spade New York 2017
This is a 2017 yearly planners with both monthly planners and weekly planner views. This stylish Kate Spade planner features interior golden metallic spiral binding, mylar covered tabs, and an interior pocket.

Goal-Setting Weekly Planners ++

Weekly Planner, Calendar and Personal Organizers.

Not your ordinary weekly planners: these are a goal setting agendas that sets you up for success throughout the year.

Never forget appointments; reach your goals and better your performance : those are some of its aims.

Best Daily & Weekly Planners for Aesthetically-minded People

2017 Calendar Daily
Day Planner / Fashion Organizer

This beautiful planner is decorated with a contemporary Aztec arrow-theme. A really stylish design. Very nice layout throughout.

Best Daily Planner for Quilters

Quilting Block & Pattern-a-Day
2017 Boxed Calendar

These lovely blocks alternate between traditional, modern, and folklore quilting themes. From easy to a bit more complicated, all appear to be quite do-able.

Gorgeous Cavallini Calendars

Cavallini Papers 2017
Vintage Numbers Weekly Planner

This numbers calendar with the numbers cover is just one of many styles that are all just gorgeous!  Very nice paper!

Calendar for Crochet – artists

Crochet 2017
Day-to-Day Calendar

Lovely calendar that contains over 100 crochet patterns for a variety of home décor items, personal accessories and clothing.

Inspirational Calendar for Knitters

Knitting 2017 Day-to-Day Boxed Calendar. This calendar has 100+ free patterns in them. Great to build your pattern collection and stay organized daily.

Best Calendar for Busy Moms

Mom’s Family Calendar 2017

This calendar is for moms who have a sense of humor and a sense of order.

Magic Moments on the Porch – Calendar

Out on the Porch 2017 Calendar. Just looking at this calendar already makes me relaxed. One of my favorite calendars indeed.

Chevron Desk Calendar 2017

2017 Chevron Desk or Wall Calendar in Cute Pink and Blue (w/ FREE Vision Board)

Pretty and practical. That sums up what this calendar is about.  Comes with a free vision board.

Funniest Calendar for Women

Anne Taintor 2017 Wall Calendar

Do you know Anne? So funny! There is a wall calendar and also a planner by this designer.

Best Calendar for You and Me

Do It Later! 2015=7 Calendar: A 2017 Planner (Or Non-planner) for the Creative Procrastinator
This might well be the calendar I end up choosing (yes, I usually wait till the very end, because I tend to get calendars from friends and family and I don’t want to have already have bought and started working with a new calendar only days before they give me one.

Craft a Day Calendar

Craft-a-Day 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

If you want to do more craft, this book will get you going as the projects are relatively simple, doable, bright and delightful.

Calendar for Web-designers, Illustrators & Digital Artists and other Font Lovers

Typodarium 2017:
The Daily Dose of Typography.
Calendar with 365 Fonts

This is a beautiful professional gift for a graphic designer. It is really pretty and many new useful fonts will no doubt inspire lots of new design ideas for 2017!

Best Kids Craft Calendar

Paper Craft 2017 Kids’ Art Calendar
16 Month Coloring Book
100+ Stickers Incl.

Calendars can help create order in a kids life and so giving them a calendar of their own can be a smart thing to do. Particularly when it is a creative craft calendar like this, with loads of coloring opportunities and loads of stickers.

Older kids may prefer this Zen-Tangle-A-Day Calendar 2017 instead.

Best Art Wall Calendar

Chihuly 2017 Wall Calendar

I don’t know if you know Dale Chihuly, but he’s the artist who designs those exquisitely large glass flowers. I’d say he is the lead artist around the world in the field of glass at present. He runs an art school in Seattle and many students consider themselves very lucky to work with him. If you have been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas and looked up in the lobby, then you know what I mean when I say that his work is unique and spectacular.

His art has become very prestigious in the last few years and you can find his work in prime locations around the world. And if you get this calendar for yourself, his work will be in your home also.

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So, which weekly planner or calendar captures your fancy??! Leave me a comment and see you tomorrow.

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