Ensure happy times with these 15 baby shower cakes designs!

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You got this! With 13 Fantastic baby shower cakes designs, complemented by 2 Icing Tutorials, you are well on your way to make your baby shower a sweet affair!

I just had a baby shower invite and I thought about offering to make the cake… You know how it is, now that baby shower cakes are on my radar, I see cute ones everywhere.

baby shower cake designs :: FineCraftGuild.com

This first cake below was the one that initially caught my eye. I went swoon…. So, I decided blog about baby shower cakes, and let you join in the fun. Just in case you are throwing a friend a baby shower …. , I’m sharing all my findings with you all. And btw. many of these baby shower cakes are perfect designs for birthday cakes for baby’s first, second or third year celebration as well.

I have 3 things in this article: The first round-up are cake designs that we can just aspire to make, or photos to take along to your local bakery. But I am not leaving you hanging there. I have two cake fondant tutorials for you, one to make a fondant baby shoe (choose pink or blue) and other tutorial is for how to make a beautiful fondant ribbon and bow. Last but not least, I thought to share a chocolate ganache cake recipe, as that is the perfect  baby shower cake in my opinion, (because I’m a chocoholic ;-)

Baby Shower Cake Designs

Baby Shower Cake Design #1 w/ clothes lines, blocks and teddy bear


This is my favorite baby shower cake. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, made with 70% Green & Black organic chocolate and double cream.  Rich and delightful. Before the final push, any mom to be will be besotted with this cake. Hopefully she does not have pregnancy diabetes…

What you can’t see from the side of the cake, is this cutie!

This little teddy sits on top of the cake shown above.

Second one of my Baby Shower Cakes, also w/ Teddy Bears + Blocks

I love the colors of this cake. It feels like a baby room. Really sweet, light and airy.


By Nicole from Nichole’s Cakes.

Moist Golden Vanilla Cake, with smooth and decadent dark chocolate ganache filling. This cake is frosted in vanilla sugar paste, which is layered over a base layer of vanilla buttercream. Sounds delicious! It was meant to be for a gender neutral baby shower, but I feel it’s perfectly boyish.

Baby Shower Cake Design #3, bathtub with rubber ducks


This is Star Bakery’s take on the classic barrel cake transformed into a baby bubble bath.  A barrel cake is another name for a pigs in mud  kit kat birthday cake, that we featured before.

Baby Shower Cake #4 w/ gorgeous roses + pram.


Baby Shower Cake, for Brittany & Greg, featured at Catch My Party 

5. Shower Cake that says ‘Boys Party’.


Samantha’s Baby Shower Cake, by Sugary Goodness

It’s clear, this cake is for baby boy Aiden. I am in love with that bunny! Adorable. I also like the vertical stripes.

6. A Baby Shower Cake,

… made by a friend who had too much time on her hand and loves owls!

Gorgeous. Imagine this. How fun. Love all the details, owls, ribbons, paisleys… and the happy colors also.


By Melanie, featured at Cakes We Bake.com

#7 is a Fabulous Layered Baby Shower Cake.

This tiered cake with the standing elephant cake topper, chevron sides, icing pearls, and a big fondant bow, is just full of outstanding cake decorating features.

Fabulous cake design.


By Simply Sweet Creations

#8: The Perfect Baby Shower Cake for Twins


Features two little elephants on top. Great idea. Subtle. Appropriate. Lovely cake.

Via  Pinterest.

Baby Shower Cakes line-up #9: Neutral Colored, Polka dots, Pretty.


By Ayse’s Cakes, NY

Cake #10 had the sweetest sleeping baby on top.

Again, love the colors, the textures created with the different colored and shaped icing. The work of a pro!


Also by Ayse

Baby Shower Cake #11: another one of my favorites!


By Cake Me Away Cakery

#12: Cute as a Button – Baby Shower Cake.

Baby shower cakes cute-as-a-button

By Anon.

#13: Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cakes with pram, blocks bottle and bow~  Cutest!

This cake has it all: a pram, a bottle, blocks, the prettiest bow ever seen, and then more! This is definitely the icing on the cake of this design line-up!
By: Fantasticakes

Baby Shower Cakes Icing Tutorials

There seem to be several themes for Baby shower cakes that are particularly popular. These are baby shoes, baby blocks, teddy bears and other baby gear. The other common feature is ribbons and bows.  So, I have a tutorial for each.

Baby Shoe Icing How-to


By Eleonora from  bravi bimbi (Italian for ‘good kids’)

Let me know if you need to have the tutorial translated from Italian…

How to make a Fondant Bow


How easy is that icing bow, once you can see how the various bow elements are put together?!

And now ta da…..

And voila. Now you have everything you need to make a fantastic cake!

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