101 Halloween Costume Ideas

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My husband dared me at dinner time if I could come up with 101 Halloween Costume ideas. Easy, I said….

I had to stay up till 1 in the morning to come up with so many different Halloween costume ideas. But then I could not stop at 101. So here are about 130 unique ideas. Marked with * means you can ‘buy it’ and ** means ‘you can make your own with a free online pattern’.

halloween costume ideas


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flog prince pet Halloween costume

Halloween Costumes

Well, I did it. Here are tons of costume ideas. You can mix and match obviously. Who is to say that a boy could not wear an angel costume? Or a girl not wearing a police(wo)man outfit? It’s a free world. As long as you have fun at your Halloween party!

Get Ready to Party

Halloween is October 31. This means that you have a bit of time to get ready. Whether you make or buy your costume, be smart and start early. Order your costume well in advance of Halloween, so that you can exchange sizes if it does not fit properly.

When you decide make your own, sketch out your general costume idea today, and start shopping and finding details for your party outfit over time.

Start reviewing women costume ideas now, or visit Halloween Central.

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