25 Bedroom Furniture Ideas & Organizing Tips for Small Bedrooms

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:: Bedroom Furniture & Organizing Tips for Small Bedrooms ::

Who has enough space in one’s bedroom? Are we not all looking for bedroom furniture that offer ‘small space’ –solutions (even if our rooms aren’t actually small) ?!

Here are our top 10 small bedroom ideas to make the most of our nest space available, followed by a list of 15 other great ideas. Good for kid bedrooms as well as couple’s bedrooms.

Small Bedroom Furniture & Organizing Tips for Small Bedrooms

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Small Bedroom Ideas

1. Add Structural Elements to Your Bedroom that are Functional.

Eg. This upholstered mantelpiece headboard offers both a structural element to a bedroom and is particularly useful in rooms where nightstands do not easily fit.

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2. Personalize Your Bedroom Accessories.

small bedroom ideas

Eg. Love this image by Sunset’s Lisa Romerein, showing a personalize Ikea lamp with DIY tassels and monogrammed pillows.

3. Exploit Bed Storage Solutions.

Small rooms look better when they are well-organized.

This lovely DIY project for a bed skirt with Pockets is a perfect point in case. It is both cozy and functional, offering some storage exactly where needed.

A more comprehensive bed storage solution can be found in this elegant, modern design bedroom storage bed. This Queen Bed w/ Drawers has an extensive number of drawers, offering ample storage around the bed. It is also a very attractive bed, in stylish cappuccino-colored wood. All drawers have beveled wood fronts and are accented with brushed nickel hardware. Beautiful, and highly functional.

5. Use Underbed Storage

Under Bed Storage

6. Go with whites.

Yes, white can also be a color and make a small space look bigger. Even though color is fun and add personality to a room, be sure to have ample white wall, white furniture and white decpr objects.

Maintain a calm bedroom atmosphere by :


7. Divide & Conquer!

Another clever tip to make a small bedroom work is to use a room screen or a room divider to store and hide a desk, workout equipment and other such items. Larger plants can be used to divide spaces and hide unsightly furniture behind.

8. Hide Big and Small in Baskets

Use baskets to control bedroom clutter. Baskets come in all sizes and shapes.

9. Add a bench

Benches are ideal for small bedrooms, as they offer both seating and ample storage for blankets and other bulky bedroom items. Click here for one of many DIY benches with instructions on this site.

10. Create a tight design theme

If you limit your colors, textures and styles, your bedroom will feel like it is larger and has less clutter in it. It will also feel more designer-ish and luxurious.

Take this this travel-themed kids bedroom for example. Because of the matching sheets, rugs and other room design details, this nautical design room feels luxurious. This lovely furniture-set would work well in a small kids bedroom. Really adorable.

More Organizing Tips for Small Bedrooms

These 10 small bedroom furniture & organizing tips not enough? Well, we actually have more ideas for you. The list continues…

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