10 Nail Art Designs for Christmas

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Ok. It’s that time again. Time to get dressed up. Here are 10 nail art design for Christmas: to wear every day in the season, to your office Christmas Party, or at home on the day.

While nail art is kind of not environmentally nor body friendly (it’s paint we’re putting on our bodies, after all), I do have a weak spot for fancy nail art designs. So I feature those, once and a while, particularly during the holiday season.

10 Favorite Christmas Nail Art Designs

1. Santa Hat Nail Art

Nail Art Designs for Christmas - santa hat nail art

image credit | source: Keshialilly

2. Santa Claus Nails


image credit | source: Kelly Nyugen

3. christmas_nail_art_redPolka Dots and Glitter Nails

topping off a pure Red Nail Manicure.
image credit | source: Glitternailbitches

4. Christmas Sweater Nail Art


These happy Christmas nails with reindeer, snowflakes and heart designs remind me of warm Nordic sweaters. So cosy.

image credit | source: by nail artist Kelly Nyugen

5. Christmas Lights Nail Art


image credit | source: Lackliebe.blogspot.com

6. Sparkly Red Christmas Nails, with Santa Feature


image credit | source: your nail art (site no longer online)

7. Christmas Tree Nails


image credit | source: Nailside.blogspot.com

8. Rudolf The Rednose Reindeer Christmas Nails


image credit | source: Nailasaurus

9. Red Swirly Chic Christmas Nails


image credit | source: dressed up nails

10. Polka Dot Zigzag, Christmas Star and Reindeer Christmas Nails


Too long  for this daily writer… but too amazing looking to pass up! Love that simple red/white Nordic sweater – style design again.  This set of nails is more do-able than the version above.

image credit | source: Beautylish.com

And there you have it. 10 sets of fresh Christmas nails. Which one you prefer?  I will go for trying out some of the simpler designs such as that Christmas tree that I can tape up, as my experimentation with freehand nail art over Halloween was more or less disastrous. No, not pinworthy. not even blog worthy… I better show you the experts and leave my own nail dabbling out of the picture. For now.



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