10 Free Crochet Patterns for Fast Afghan Blankets

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12” blocks: that’s the secret! A 12” crochet block is basically an over-sized crochet granny square.   It starts simple and then varies greatly in the design going outward.

This gorgeous afghan of 25 blocks is made with 10 different crochet block designs. The blocks are joined using a flat braided join.

afghan blankets free crochet patterns

Snuggle up with this lovely throw blanket on your sofa, or use it as bed cover creating a romantic bedroom décor.

Free Crochet Patterns for 12” Afghan Blocks

The blocks are designed by different designers, published at different blogs. Moogly selected their free crochet patterns to make her own all-white bed spread.

I love it.

Click here to find the patterns.

photo credit: Moogly


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